‘Daughters are so easy to forget’: thoughts on ‘Six’ at the Arts Theatre

I know, I know, I still haven’t finished writing the Edinburgh Fringe post I said I’d have up soon… last month.  But today I went to see a show I actually missed out on at the Fringe because it was sold out and I was silly enough not to buy tickets in advance.  That show is Six, a 75-minute musical giving the six wives of … Continue reading ‘Daughters are so easy to forget’: thoughts on ‘Six’ at the Arts Theatre

Singing lesson routine

I realised today that, outside of A Playlist of Five, and my post about promming, I haven’t actually spoken about music that much on the blog, which is weird, because it’s one of the most significant parts of my life.  For those who don’t know, and without wanting to sound pretentious, I’m a classical soprano and choral scholar at uni, and in the past I’ve … Continue reading Singing lesson routine

Muffins, packing, and a quick catch-up

I’ve just put a batch of muffins in to bake, so I thought I’d write a blog post in the twenty minutes that takes.  If anyone’s interested, here’s the recipe (which is dairy-free) which I used: 225g self-raising flour 88g sugar Pinch of salt 1 egg 50ml vegetable oil 114g milk (I used coconut milk) ½ tsp vanilla essence 80g crushed Oreos The method is … Continue reading Muffins, packing, and a quick catch-up

Getting back into reading*

*In a big way. Flashback to tiny childhood me.  I listened to cassette tape recordings of books non-stop, and could flip the tape in the dark, without looking.  My favourites were the Animal Ark (Mandy Hope) series, with their famous alliterative titles, and The Little White Horse, which I listened to until they broke. A very slightly older tiny childhood me.  My parents taught me … Continue reading Getting back into reading*

A bit of love to GCSE students before results day

Dear GCSE students, I just thought I’d write you a quick note to wish you all luck on results day tomorrow.  Whatever you get, I hope you’re proud of yourselves, and that you look back on the hard work you put in and think I achieved that.  Because you have achieved and are achieving great things, and you deserve to be proud. It’s very easy … Continue reading A bit of love to GCSE students before results day

First time promming!

Despite being a classical music enthusiast, I am in the perhaps somewhat unusual position of never having been to a Prom before this year. Now, I had been at the Albert Hall during Prom season to perform in one (NYCGB Belshazzar’s Feast) but had never actually listened to one live and in the flesh. I changed that this year, going to two pre-booked and one … Continue reading First time promming!